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When I was...a shoop woop. Also, holy shit silver whistle.

Posted by Lorkas - October 13th, 2007

EDIT: unbanned now.
EDIT2: By the way, is cool
EDIT3: Holy shit, silver whistle! Woohoo!
EDIT4 [NEW]: Huh...My whistle level dropped
Remember the day when there were no mods online for about an hour? The day a week ago? Yeah. Well during that timing I made about three spam topics, and about 60 spam posts (Most of them were with the word nig**r in it)

password -diazepam

/* */
...Jimmy's eyes. It's as though he gazes into your soul, reading your every sin. Yet, he isn't judging you. These eyes of demise do not judge, for you feel no shame or regret. His stare still scares you, as if it is there to tell you something. A commodity you may already know of. Yes, something you may be obligated to do. This cannibalistic gaze is corrupting your sanity, desecrating it with incongruous thoughts, repeating the same word you've known for as long you were alive - Donate. That's the '''only''' way to absolve yourself from that vicious scowl. That is the only way to eradicate those revolting chains that have locked your own mind.

When I was...a shoop woop. Also, holy shit silver whistle.


Comments (286)

Yay! You're free!

Yeah...well, I'll be a BBS slave after a week or so (crap!).

Thanks for commenting

You shouldn't be such a fag.

What do you mean? I was just celebrating the No-mod-hour.

I've been banned for 30days about 4times now.

Thank god for alts.

I have only one alt, and he's banned for a month too (GOOD JOB BBR!). Used to have two, but one of 'em got deleted because it's username was peddophile O_o


I have some news from the front!

They say they're gonna deport all the soliders!

What should we do!

That's not good. But I have a plan. Clear of the area, only leave the trees. We'll hind underground. How? Just dig up some small holes, and hide your soldiers there. 20 soldiers for each shore. Put about 100 in the forest. The rest (snipers) should be in the trees. It should work!

Tell them to fire only when called. You will also need more people after this attack, I'll order some from the general.

And YES they are going to kill all of our soldiers if we don't deffend (they're gonna drown us, if we lose).

We're lucky to have fire arms, because most of our enemies only have swords. Maybe they have a handfull of musceteers, but that's nothing against our brigade. That means they will get demoralized in the beginning, and after our ambush.

If everything works, we shall win. And they will crumble against us. Oh and I'll upgrade you to a Musceteer Leader, since the last ML died deffending the northern shore.

Our little island won't die this easily!

"the internet isn't an english test."

Thats the fucking greatest quote Ive ever heard anyone say on the internets.

When is teh banz over?

After a week, or two...I hope


u no ur the only girl ive come across (since ive been here which is like 4 months) and it seems like u realy dont like ngs, but...
u make pretty good flash movies and u got a high level

wats the deal man....um..i mean girl

I don't know, most of the people here are morons (no offense) and I get banned oftenly...The reason why I come here every day? Because I have nothing better to do, maybe?

Ah, when was the last time you went outside?

Today, why'd you ask?

u no there arwe tones more games and movies on the internet than just this 1 site

Well no shit, Sherlock? Of course there is!

and we shall celebrate this glorious event with......PORN

Hmm, I'd be really happy to do that. But I'm gonna get unbanned in a week (5 days to be exact). So this glorious event won't last long, but since I can't spend a week with out getting banned...Damn!

Racial slurs are about the most uncreative thing you can do. Try something inventive, at least

I also other shit posts then, and they all got deleted (20). So that wasn't the main reason of the ban.

btw, it's going pretty well. :D

Well, I'm glad to hear that.

Ouchies. :x

1 day remaining...And I've been lurking the forums for some time now.

Happy back-on-BBS day! XD

Thanks! I think there's only a couple o' hours left right now ^__^

I was mad for a 3 day ban i feel your pain to a small degree. >:| bans...

Ah, well you know the good old BBR...always banning people for small misunderstandings. He's not as bad (and by bad I mean not like badass, but like asshole) as Bigbadron.



Something tells me Lorkas is trying to eat the NG BBS..? o.o

Well, the grey colours DO look tasty. Or did you mean it metaphoricaly? Anyway, I'm unbanned now! Hurray again!

greensucksbluerules says:
Was it bigbadron?
Nov. 5, 2007 | 8:52 AMLorkas responds:
Nope, BBR.


Well...I really don't know his real username.



are you real female or your just pretending?

Why would you want to know?

BONO?! I rather have Boonen, the Belgium cyclist...

Opinions...opinions mean alot.

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