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Posted by Lorkas - October 13th, 2007

EDIT: unbanned now.
EDIT2: By the way, is cool
EDIT3: Holy shit, silver whistle! Woohoo!
EDIT4 [NEW]: Huh...My whistle level dropped
Remember the day when there were no mods online for about an hour? The day a week ago? Yeah. Well during that timing I made about three spam topics, and about 60 spam posts (Most of them were with the word nig**r in it)

password -diazepam

/* */
...Jimmy's eyes. It's as though he gazes into your soul, reading your every sin. Yet, he isn't judging you. These eyes of demise do not judge, for you feel no shame or regret. His stare still scares you, as if it is there to tell you something. A commodity you may already know of. Yes, something you may be obligated to do. This cannibalistic gaze is corrupting your sanity, desecrating it with incongruous thoughts, repeating the same word you've known for as long you were alive - Donate. That's the '''only''' way to absolve yourself from that vicious scowl. That is the only way to eradicate those revolting chains that have locked your own mind.

When I was...a shoop woop. Also, holy shit silver whistle.


Posted by Lorkas - October 5th, 2007

Basicly newgrounds sucks. Too many furious, full of angst idiots that aren't funny (I'm sometimes one of them). Just crying around...

Anyway, the reason (in my opinion) why people get addicted to newbgrounds is THIS: They see popular people (mods, Willi, Mecha, etc...) and other regulars. They don't want to be other regulars, so they try their best to become popular here. And their greediness kills them (not literally).

Bottom line, when you're going to quit this website, you'll regret on how many hours you've spent on newgrounds. But after some time you'll get over it (probably) and laugh every time you hear the word "Newgrounds".

Just pointing out the obvious.

: Unrelated picture.

Newgrounds addiction

Posted by Lorkas - July 22nd, 2007

What's this shit?

In my days, there was no Userpage or anything. It was more primitive, faster to navigate and not so complicated here at newgrounds. So yeah, I'm abit sceptic about this new update, layout, thing. But heck, no one will visit my userpage, so I can just say anything, it's like a diary (It is!). Well maybe afew internet anonymous shall lurk here, but I doubt that. Really.

I can say anything here, because I won't get punished or anything. No mods, I'm the only who will ever be here, so who can you trust the most? Yes! Yourself! I am free to do anything, because it doesn't matter at all! this feeling is better than orgasm, one thousand times. Because when you can tell your opinion (it doesn't matter to whom) it's the best feeling in the world.

Some of the users here at newgrounds will be posting about theirself, what they look like, maybe even their life...but they expect visitors (someone to post at their userpage), but I don't. I don't! I am the creator, AND the visitor, I am typing words that can mean nothing in the end, but they mean something to me at the moment. For one little second, I will be happy.

This will mostly be my longest post, because I just spam randomly on the forums. Because cannot feel free there, I can't!

It's a weird, yet a great feeling to be a user and a creator.