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A part of flash history for sure, loved it as a 10 year old, and still love it now!

I liked the spooky atmosphere, but it crashes if you film the coffin twice.

Can't believe it's 7 years old already! Took me a while to find this gem again, but boy am I glad! Soothing music, smooth design, and levels of various difficulty.

This game is old. Yet the style you chose was superb, even today this game brings me lots of joy.

Definitely the funniest game I've played in a while. I salute the person who wrote the script.


I used to have a blast with this small gadget of yours when I was no older than 11. Brings back good memories.


This game was the bomb in 2001!

Great for 2002

The reason why I'm giving this a 10 out of 10 is because this small game of yours is, quite frankly, amazing for its age.

It's cool

The main reason why I'm giving this is a 10 is because you're from Poland. I went there almost five years ago. Wow, that long ago? Damn, seems like it was yesterday! Anyways I spent two whole weeks in the lovely town of Krakow and I gotta say, it sure is a beautiful place. There's a lot of nature there, like that huge park forest. Man it had cliffs and shit. I'll never forget it, it's a shame I didn't capture many photos. Oh well.

Now about the game. Like many flash games these days it had that retro NES style going on. I'm not a huge fan of that, but neither am I giant hater. Some might consider it generic but I sure as hell don't. The simple chip tune benefitted the relaxing atmosphere of the game which is good, obviously you weren't aiming for an action paced shooter, heh. The control were well crafted. There may have been a few glitches, but you probably went around them. It took me a while to realise that pressing down won't throw the Kulkis downwards but simply slows it down. Should've read the instructions I guess!

All in all it's a convivial puzzle game, and I had much fun playing it :)

What can I say

This a pretty artistic game. The atmosphere was perfect.

I'd offer you some tea but...

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